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Welcome to www.iTrackCar.com, here you will find all the information about our company, our partners, customers, products and services.

About Us

iTrackCar.com a Peertel Communications Company, provides online vehicle tracking services, our vehicle tracking services gather data from your GPS Mobile which can be hidden in your car anywhere.

iTrackCar.com Self Online Tracking and Monitoring!

Ever wonder why the cars that are stolen with GPS system installed are still untraceable and are never recovered?


Expensive Vehicle Tracking Systems installed in most cars nowadays does not serve the purpose, with the portable GSM Jammers, thieves can disable the GSM signals until they find a suitable place to disable the GPS system, usually they are quite visible under the bonut or dashboard due to their big sizes and weak GSM reception requires them to be often installed under the bonut around the engine, these expensive system sold by big companies are costing people few hundred dollars a year and yet they are useless at most times.

The solution to this problem is our award winning Android Mobile WIFI and GPRS / Edge Enable software remote monitoring and tracking system, which gives you full report on your car movement, the Android Mobile can be hidden anywhere in the car.

With its small size its impossible to find, you can also permanently install in the car from any power socket yourself.

As soon as thieves remove the GPS device installed in the car and have stopped using their GSM Jammer, the Android Mobile phone can still be hidden there and already activated by sending a SMS, within a minute it will track the car location or movement and update your account with the map, you can then go ahead and trace your car, the application also works on WIFI so if catches any public wifi internet, it will send the location immediately along with the previous location history.

With more and more free public wifi network in the city, our tracking system is the only solution to guarantee your car tracking.

With our sms based activation, there is no costly data charges on your sim, the software only use small data to the server saving you expensive data charges and thousand of rupees from another tracking providers.

Our Car Tracking System cannot be totally disable by GSM Jammers. 


Benefits & Features:

* WIFI and GPRS/EDGE Support

* SMS activation 

* Web-based User Interface

* Geo-fence Arrive/Depart detection

* Vehicle Location Map

* Date/Time Range Selection

* Pushpins showing direction of travel

* Replay vehicle travel

* Vehicle Event Detail

* Vehicle Trip Report Detail

* Last Known Vehicle Location

* Vehicle Distance Traveled

* Driving/Stopped Time

* Send Emails / SMS on Event Triggers

* Excessive Speed Notification

* Pushpin Info Balloons with Lat/Lon, Speed, Heading ,etc




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